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Ways to use FODZYME

Do you have to sprinkle on food or can it be taken on its own just before eating?

As a general rule, we recommend adding FODZYME directly to the trigger food. The closer the enzymes are to the food that contain FODMAPs, the better. In cases where it might be hard to sprinkle FODZYME on your food (like small snacks), an alternative

Does FODZYME help prevent issues from FODMAP stacking?

FODZYME allows you to "stack" FODMAPs and eat more comfortably. Since FODZYME reduces overall FODMAP content in your meal, there is more room for stacking high FODMAP foods. Enzymes break down certain FODMAPs and thereby reduce their presence in our

How to use FODZYME: Pizza, sandwich, or cake.

Flat food that you can't mix

Does FODZYME® help with high-fructose corn syrup?

FODZYME® targets the fructan, GOS/galacto-oligosaccharides and lactose FODMAP types. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contains excess fructose, a category of FODMAPs that FODZYME does not address.

What foods can FODZYME® not help with?

Hint: polyols

Can you use FODZYME on hot foods?

Feel free to use FODZYME on hot foods like soups, casseroles, burritos, lattes, or your favorite high-FODMAP dishes. Apply FODZYME right before you are about to eat and enjoy! Basically, if your food is so hot that it would burn your mouth, wait to a

What foods does FODZYME work on?

What can I eat with FODZYME?

How do I eat small crunchy snacks - pita chips, cashews, blueberries?

For small crunchy foods that FODZYME won’t stick to, we suggest putting the first bite of food in your mouth. Then use the spoon or stick pack and pop the enzymes into your mouth. Chew well and snack as you normally would.

What if I can’t mix FODZYME into my food?

Sandwiches, pizza, burritos and more!

Does FODZYME work with liquids?

Soups, smoothies, lattes and more!

Can I pre-treat high-FODMAP foods with FODZYME?

Certainly! Pre-treating foods that are liquid, creamy, or mushy, like drinks, smoothies, sauces, or pastes is another way of integrating FODZYME to your meals. Why Pre-Treat?. The goal of pre-treating your food with FODZYME is to break down FODMAPs b