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Troubleshooting and Dosing

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Getting started with FODZYME

This is a digital version of the FODZYME Welcome Booklet

How should I test FODZYME for the first time?

Tips on trying FODZYME and finding success!

How to use FODZYME with appetizers/small bites/at buffets

To enjoy a variety of appetizers or dishes at different times, such as at a wedding, restaurant, or buffet, we suggest concentrating on the food you want to eat first, spreading out the rest throughout the meal, and dosing up if needed. We recommend

Youtube Tutorials and Tips

Are you a visual learner?. Check out our growing list of videos on Youtube!

Can I travel with FODZYME within the United States and internationally?

Yes, you can travel with FODZYME both within the United States and internationally. Here are some key points to consider when traveling with your digestive enzyme supplements:. 1. TSA Regulations for US Domestic Travel:. 2. International Travel Consi


If you're sensitive to FODMAPs, you know the challenge of calculating FODMAP content before each meal and deciding when to add FODZYME. We have exciting news: We are simplifying this process for you. At FODZYME, we've developed an AI tool designed to