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What if I can’t mix FODZYME into my food?Updated 10 months ago

Good question! If you can't sprinkle FODZYME all over or mix it in, you can apply the enzymes to the first bite and chew well. This can be used on burritos, granola bars, and much more. We call this the first bite technique. There should be enough enzyme activity to last through the rest of the meal, even if you chew all the enzymes in the first bite.

Many foods have a couple of ways to apply FODZYME. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Example: Two ways to eat a slice of pizza 🍕

  1. Sprinkle FODZYME all over the top like parmesan cheese or red pepper flakes. Chew well and enjoy.

  2. Apply the full scoop to the tip of the pizza and enjoy.

Want to see this in action? Here's a tik tok on how to eat a sandwich with FODZYME. 🥪

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