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Dosing Tips

The standard dose of FODZYME is 1 stick pack or 1/4 tsp (spoon inside Home Kit). Use 1 full-dose high FODMAP meals and snacks. Use 1 full dose on your first couple of tests, regardless of the amount of food eaten, then slowly increase the amount of f

Is FODZYME gluten-free?

FODZYME® is gluten-free and has been tested using the ELISA "SENSISpec INgezim Gluten 30.GLU.K2:2020-10" method. FODZYME is confirmed <3.0 ppm. FODZYME will significantly reduce the fructan content in wheat, barley, and rye products but is not known

Is FODZYME tested for major allergens?

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers, especially those with food allergies. Here’s how we rigorously test FODZYME to ensure it meets the highest standards of allergen safety:. Our thorough allergen testing and careful ingredient s

What's the difference between Home Kit and On-the-Go Kit?

Stick packs vs jars

Can I use FODZYME while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Pregnancy is a time of growth and development, making a healthy, nourishing diet full of nutrient-dense foods highly important. A low FODMAP diet is not suggested during pregnancy, as it may pose excessive dietary restriction [1]. Digestive enzymes s

Does FODZYME have side effects?

FODZYME consists of enzymes derived from aspergilli mold and dextrin from non-GMO maize or corn. Generally, FODZYME does not cause side effects unless you are allergic to these ingredients. When reintroducing trigger foods into your diet with FODZYME

Can I increase the dose?

It’s safe to take more than the recommended dosage (which is 1 stick pack or 1/4 tsp). FODZYME acts directly on the FODMAPs in your meal, without interacting with your body or its functions. Since enzymes are composed of proteins, they are digested a

How do I know FODZYME is working?

If FODZYME is working for you, you will feel a significant reduction in gas, bloating, abdominal pain, and/or changes in bowel habits after a high-FODMAP meal compared to what you would normally experience with a similar meal.

Can FODZYME be used in children?

FODZYME supports tolerance to foods that contain fructan, GOS, and lactose. For several decades, lactase supplementation has been used to support digestion of lactose-containing foods and research supports its efficacy for management of of bloating,