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Dosing TipsUpdated 10 months ago

Recommended Dose

The standard dose of FODZYME is 1 stick pack or 1/4 tsp (spoon inside Home Kit). Use 1 full-dose high FODMAP meals and snacks. Use 1 full dose on your first couple of tests, regardless of the amount of food eaten, then slowly increase the amount of food you are testing.

Example test: Use 1 full stick pack on 1 chicken breast + 1/2 clove garlic. If that test goes well, increase to 3/4 clove garlic on 1 chicken breast.

Increasing your Dose

It's fine to increase your dose to 2 stick packs or scoops. If you see a partial reduction in symptoms (ex: decrease in abdominal pain but still experiencing excessive gas) or FODZYME worked well on some foods but not others (that contain fructan, GOS and lactose), try increasing your dose to 1.5 or 2 doses and see how you feel.

FODZYME can be used multiple times a day, with snacks and meals.

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