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One-time add-ons to your subscription

How to add one-time purchases to your shipment if you want to stock up

How do I update my shipping and billing info in my subscription?

Log in to your subscription account. Navigate to "Billing: edit". Hit "confirm" to send yourself a secure payment update link. An email will be sent to you called "Update your Payment method for FODZYME". Hit "Confirm Payment information". If you wan

How do I add or swap products?

Home Kit or On-the-Go Kit

I am having trouble logging into my subscription account. What should I do?

It happens - we can help!

Can I skip a shipment?

Have more than you need? Easily skip an order.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sad to see you go!. Did you know?. You can easily skip a month (or more) if you have more than you need. Need help troubleshooting? We can help!. To cancel:. Log-in to your FODZYME account. It's under "Manage Subscription" in the top right cor

What are the benefits of subscribing vs one-time purchase?

FODZYME subscribers receive a 20% discount on all of their orders through the platform.

How can I subscribe? What does the subscription include?

Your subscription can either include the Home Kit (60 Dose Jar) or the On-the-Go kit (30 Stick packs). You can also choose to subscribe and order both!. Subscribers receive an automatic 20% discount on their orders. Edit, skip, or cancel your order a