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How can I subscribe? What does the subscription include?Updated 10 months ago

Your subscription can either include the Home Kit (60 Dose Jar) or the On-the-Go kit (30 Stick packs). You can also choose to subscribe and order both!

Subscribers receive an automatic 20% discount on their orders.

Edit, skip, or cancel your order at any time. Change your frequency to whatever you want. Seriously. It's easy. Either login to your subscription here or email [email protected].

Free shipping for US subscribers, and some flat rate shipping options for international customers (depending on the country).

To subscribe:

  • go to the shop page and choose the On-the-Go Kit or Home Kit.

  • Hit Subscribe.

  • Choose your delivery frequency (30/ 45/ 60 days). You can always change this later.

  • Hit add to cart and check out.

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