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How do I update my shipping and billing info in my subscription?Updated 9 months ago

How to Update your Payment information

  1. Log in to your subscription account.

  2. Navigate to "Billing: edit".

    1. Hit "confirm" to send yourself a secure payment update link.

  3. An email will be sent to you called "Update your Payment method for FODZYME"

    1. Hit "Confirm Payment information"

    2. If you want to change your credit card, hit "Change"

      c. Update your credit card info and address. Hit "update card"

      4. Log back into your subscription account at

      • Hit "get FODZYME now" if you want to order today

      • Alternatively, schedule your next order date by hitting "Set next date or edit order frequency"

      If you have any issues or questions, email [email protected] and we can help!

Did you use ShopPay to subscribe?

  1. Close out of your browser and open a new one.

  2. Type your email address used to subscribe in here and verify using the 5 digit code sent to you.

  3. Update your credit card here:

    4. Log in to your subscription account and order what you want!

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