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Troubleshooting and Dosing

Questions to Ask Yourself when Troubleshooting FODZYME

There are so many factors that might impact the performance of FODZYME. Here are some factors to consider to get the best results and recommendations. Did it contain fructan, GOS, and/or lactose?. Recommendation. Double-check that the food contains f

Top Troubleshooting Tips

FODZYME must be mixed with/sprinkled onto your food prior to eating or chewed with the first bite. If you wait to take FODZYME until after the meal, the digestive enzymes won’t have the proper conditions to homogenize with the food. The window of opp

FODZYME helped some of my symptoms but not all. What should I do?

If you see a partial reduction in symptoms (ex: decrease in abdominal pain but still experiencing excessive gas) or FODZYME worked well on some food but not others (that contain fructan, GOS and lactose), feel free to try increasing your dose to 1.5