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Questions to Ask Yourself when Troubleshooting FODZYMEUpdated 2 months ago

There are so many factors that might impact the performance of FODZYME. Here are some factors to consider to get the best results and recommendations.

1. What food did you try FODZYME on?

  • Did it contain fructan, GOS, and/or lactose?


    • Double-check that the food contains fructan, GOS or lactose.

    • Here's a list of foods that FODZYME works on or check out the Monash App.

    • Avoid using FODZYME on polyols (if you are sensitive to them) or other foods you are sensitive to.

2. Did you try FODZYME on a complex meal or a simple meal?

  • Did you try a small test (1 trigger food, like 1/4 cup grilled onions added to plain rice) or something complex (pizza, cup of clam chowder, low-fat ice cream)?

  • Foods with lots of ingredients might be harder for FODZYME to help with as they often contain more gut-triggering ingredients (aside from fructan, lactose, or GOS).


  • Try a simpler meal (stack fewer triggers) until you get more comfortable.

  • Increase your FODZYME dose on the same meal and try again. It's possible that trying a higher dose of FODZYME on the same meal might yield better results.

  • Once you get more comfortable with FODZYME, you can try it on more complicated meals that stack triggers.

3. How much FODZYME did you use?

  • We recommend using 1 scoop or 1 stick pack for most high-FODMAP meals.

  • The dose you need for 1/2 of a banana and 3 slices of pizza might be different for you - feel free to experiment!


    • You can always increase your dose (1.5 - 2 stick packs) on high FODMAP meals or foods you know are huge triggers.

    • You could also try 1 dose of FODZYME on a smaller serving size. Dosing is highly individual - try to figure out what works best for you.

How did you feel before trying FODZYME?

  • Note how you are feeling physically. Were you nervous, excited, in a flare, or at a busy restaurant?

  • Setting and comfort level make a big difference.


    • Try FODZYME when you are as relaxed as possible.

    • Test FODZYME at home. Once you feel confident, hit the road!

How did you feel after?

  • Note how your symptoms felt afterward.

  • Did you see any reduction in symptoms at all? If some of your symptoms were reduced, check out this guide.

Has FODZYME worked on any prior meals?

  • If FODZYME reduced symptoms from a previous meal, that's awesome! What about that meal was different? Amount of food, FODMAP triggers, location, administration, etc?

  • Typically if FODZYME works for someone on one meal, they will likely see an improvement when using it in similar FODMAP groups.

  • Continue to tweak your dosing, foods that you've tried, etc.

Have you tried the low FODMAP diet and if so, did it help?

  • FODZYME tends to work best for people who saw symptom relief while on the low FODMAP diet, indicating that they are sensitive to fructan, GOS, and/or lactose.

Still unsure?

Schedule a call with us through this link so we can assist you in troubleshooting your experience.   

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