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Is FODZYME clinically proven to work?Updated 9 months ago

We spent the last year running in-house clinical experiments to validate the efficacy of FODZYME on FODMAPs. Our experiments involved consuming absurd amounts of FODMAPs (e.g. 5 FiberOne bars at a time which are packed with fructans) to test and stress-test FODZYME and optimize for dosage and mode of administration. We've gathered promising data showing significant reductions in symptoms like gas and diarrhea when FODZYME was administered compared to placebo. See below for the results of our 5 FiberOne bar trials (5 FiberOne bars contain approximately 40g of fructan — the equivalent fructan content of 80 cloves of garlic!). The trials were randomized, single-blinded, and conducted on brave healthy volunteers. Symptoms were tracked for a 24-hour period following fructan consumption. Six regular doses of FODZYME were administered to compensate for the outrageous amount of fructan.

These results make us confident that our product is efficacious and that our enzymes degrade FODMAPs in the human gut.

That said, we are not stopping here. We are currently working on a clinical trial protocol with world-renowned gastroenterologists to demonstrate FODZYME's efficacy under robust, university-led conditions. Clinical trials take time, so we ask for your patience and support while we work to publish our clinical validation.

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