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How would FODZYME be used if a patient also has small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO)?Updated 8 months ago

SIBO is a condition where excessive amounts of bacteria are present in the small intestine. Impaired gut motility, commonly present with IBS, increases risk for SIBO and there is a high overlap in the two conditions.

Treatment for SIBO is multifaceted. It includes addressing the underlying cause (eg. untreated IBD, depressant medications, etc.), induction of remission through antibiotics or antimicrobials and maintenance of remission. A treatment plan to maintain remission will look different for each patient, though in general, all aim to promote intestinal sterility and motility through diet and lifestyle modifications.

There is no one diet prescription for SIBO and the least restrictive, most nutrient-rich diverse diet is generally recommended. For patients with SIBO who may also be FODMAP sensitive, FODZYME can help control symptoms while promoting dietary diversity and abundance. The inclusion of fiber-rich foods helps support the restoration of the microbiome during and following SIBO treatment. Using FODZYME with FODMAP triggers enables a less restrictive, plant-rich approach for many patients.

For patients undergoing SIBO testing, there is little to indicate FODZYME would influence breath testing results. Since FODZYME targets food directly and passes through the digestive tract with the meal itself, the typical protocol to avoid fermented foods 24 hours before a SIBO test and to fast for 12 hours beforehand should be sufficient. We would not suspect additional considerations are needed if a patient had been using FODZYME for the week(s) leading up to the test.

There is also nothing to indicate FODZYME would be contraindicated for a patient on antibiotics for SIBO.

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