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Has FODZYME's formula been updated?Updated 10 months ago

Minimum taste, maximum impact.

As of Winter 2022, we’ve updated our formula.

To make FODZYME more tasteless, we recently updated the formula to replace dextrose with more of its neutral cousin, dextrin. This FODZYME formula is just as effective with less of a taste!

At Kiwi Biosciences, our goal is to make food painless and help you enjoy your favorite foods. We take feedback seriously and one critical piece of feedback we’ve heard is the desire for FODZYME to have a neutral taste and be less sweet.

You might notice a slight change in the consistency of FODZYME - it’s a little more fluffy. This is totally normal! The dose (1/4 tsp) is the same.

Home Kit Ingredients:

Fructan hydrolase, Alpha-galactosidase, Lactase, dextrin.

Benefits of this change:

  • Zero sweet taste

  • More streamlined formula

  • Same great effectiveness!

Pro-Tip: Tapping your spoon while sprinkling helps distribute the powder more evenly.

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