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Does FODZYME work on fructose?Updated 2 months ago

FODZYME does not convert fructose. Keep in mind, however, that fructose is unique among the FODMAPs in that it is not the mere presence of fructose that may cause issues, but a high fructose-to-glucose ratio (except in extreme cases, such as the rare occurrence of hereditary fructose intolerance). Many customers are sensitive to both fructan and fructose, and they FODZYME to eat foods containing fructan successfully.

Fructan is a molecule made of chains of fructose and typically a terminal glucose, so when we break down fructan with FODZYME, a small amount of fructose and glucose will be introduced. However, in most instances, this will not be an issue for people who are sensitive to both fructan and fructose. We know from anecdotal/community reports and clinical findings that fructose tolerance thresholds tend to be much higher than fructan tolerance thresholds. Hence, given the relatively small amount of fructan in most common foods, and the relative abundance of glucose (as well as glucose precursors like starches) in the common types of foods/dishes that FODZYME would be used on, in most instances, the small amount of excess fructose produced will not introduce a problem.

In any case, we don't recommend using FODZYME on high fructose foods; the lists of common foods FODZYME works on, found in our booklet and on our Get Started page all exclude high fructose foods.

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