Is FODZYME gluten-free?
Updated over a week ago

FODZYME® is gluten-free and has been tested using the ELISA "SENSISpec INgezim Gluten 30.GLU.K2:2020-10" method. FODZYME is confirmed <3.0 ppm.

FODZYME will significantly reduce the fructan content in wheat products but is not known to break down gluten or potentially other triggers in wheat. So if you are only sensitive to fructan, FODZYME should help you with tolerating wheat products.

We don't recommend people who have celiac disease use FODZYME to eat wheat. That said, if you have celiac disease and are also sensitive to fructan, GOS, or lactose, FODZYME can help with all of those things! FODZYME is also gluten-free.

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