FODZYME is a dietary supplement, not a drug, from a regulatory perspective. For this reason, it is not automatically eligible for reimbursement under HSA accounts. That said, sometimes, items like dietary supplements might be recommended by physicians to treat a specific medical condition. Typically, your HSA provider will require a Letter of Medical necessity to be filled out by your physician. Here how it typically works but please contact your HSA provider for specific details:

- The letter should be on the physician's letterhead with clear reference to your case. It can be brief and has to recommend FODZYME to treat a specifically diagnosed condition.
- Once the letter is on file, as you buy FODZYME (the best way to do so is via our website you may submit receipts along with a reimbursement claim.
- Typically, the letters of medical necessity need to be renewed yearly.

Hope this helps! And please contact your HSA provider to see what their specific process is.

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