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What FODMAPs are tackled with FODZYME?
What FODMAPs are tackled with FODZYME?
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FODZYME can address the FODMAPs fructan, GOS and lactose!

FODZYME cannot help with polyols. We are currently working on a solution to address polyols!

FODZYME does not convert fructose, so we don't recommend using FODZYME to eat foods high in fructose, like a mango. That said, many of our customers are sensitive to both fructan and fructose and they are using FODZYME to successfully eat foods high in fructan. Fructose is unique among the FODMAPs in that it is not the mere presence of fructose that may cause issues, but a high fructose-to-glucose ratio (except in extreme cases, such as the rare occurrence of hereditary fructose intolerance). For more information about fructose, please refer to page 12 of our clinical brief and check out more info here.

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