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Where can I find the expiry/best-by date of FODZYME?Updated a month ago

  • Home Kit: The best-by date is located at the bottom of the jar.

  • On-The-Go Kit: For travel packets, the best-by date is found at the back of the flap.

    Why do you use "best-by" dates instead of expiry dates?

    We use "best-by" dates because FODZYME's enzyme activity does not cease on the specified date. Instead, this date indicates the period during which the enzyme activity is at its optimal efficacy, provided it is stored correctly.

    What happens to FODZYME's enzyme activity after the best-by date?

    Before the best-by date, FODZYME's enzyme activity is at its peak efficacy. After this date, the enzyme activity begins to slowly degrade over time. This gradual decrease in activity means that while FODZYME remains effective for a period after the best-by date, its efficacy will be lower than when it was within the best-by period.
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