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The FODZYME FODMAP ScannerUpdated 16 days ago

If you're sensitive to FODMAPs, you know the challenge of calculating FODMAP content before each meal and deciding when to add FODZYME. We have exciting news: We are simplifying this process for you.

At FODZYME, we've developed an AI tool designed to make your life easier: the FODZYME FODMAP Scanner. This innovative tool analyzes ingredients from images or text queries, estimates their FODMAP content, and offers specific advice on using FODZYME.

How It Works:

  1. Ingredient Analysis: The Scanner understands ingredients from images or text queries.
  2. FODMAP Estimation: It evaluates the FODMAP content of these ingredients.
  3. FODZYME Tips: It provides tailored tips on how to use FODZYME effectively.

Let's See It in Action:

Step 1: Getting Started

This service is available either via WhatsApp or via SMS (for US users).

  • To access via WhatsApp, click here
  • To access via SMS, save this phone number (+18574253695) to your contacts and text "START" to begin.

Step 2: Using the Scanner

  • The FODMAP Scanner can analyze both text and images.
  • For example, let's send an image of a salad. In just a few seconds, the Scanner analyzes the salad and identifies FODMAP-relevant ingredients like cheese (containing lactose) and nuts (containing GOS). It also notes the presence of polyols in avocados, which FODZYME currently doesn't address, but we're working on it.

Step 3: Text-Based Queries

  • Now, let's try with text. If we text "pizza," the Scanner will infer common pizza ingredients. The more details you provide, the more accurate the analysis will be.

Important Note: The FODMAP Scanner is still in development and may occasionally make mistakes. We appreciate your patience and feedback to help us improve it.

We hope this tool helps you enjoy more meals with confidence and ease. Happy eating!

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