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Can I travel with FODZYME within the United States and internationally?Updated a month ago

Yes, you can travel with FODZYME both within the United States and internationally. Here are some key points to consider when traveling with your digestive enzyme supplements:

1. TSA Regulations for US Domestic Travel:

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permits bringing digestive enzymes and other vitamin/supplement products through security checkpoints for personal use.
  • It is recommended to keep FODZYME in its original, labeled containers to facilitate screening if questioned by TSA agents.
  • Supplements do not need to be declared to the TSA as long as they are for personal use and not in quantities that suggest commercial use.

2. International Travel Considerations:

  • Most countries allow travelers to bring a reasonable amount of supplements for personal use. However, regulations can vary, so it’s advisable to check the specific rules of your destination country if you are traveling for an extended period.
  • Keeping supplements in their original containers can be particularly helpful when traveling abroad to ensure they are easily identified by security.

3. Radiation from Security Scanners:

  • Radiation from airport security scanners is not likely to affect the quality or safety of vitamins and supplements. According to the FDA, there are no known adverse effects from food, beverages, medicine, or cosmetics that have been irradiated by security screening systems.
  • If you prefer, you can request that your medications and supplements be screened visually rather than by X-ray, though this is generally not necessary.

4. Convenience for Travelers:

One of the key advantages of FODZYME is its portability, allowing you to enjoy local cuisines without digestive discomfort. We recommend our On-the-Go Kit for convenient and portable packaging, making it easy to carry FODZYME wherever you travel.

5. Customer Experiences:

So far, no customer has reported any issues traveling domestically or internationally with FODZYME.


For more details on traveling with supplements, you can visit the TSA’s official guidance: TSA - Supplements.

We hope this information helps you travel smoothly with FODZYME. Enjoy your trip and the local cuisines with confidence and comfort!

Safe Travels!

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