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Can I pre-treat high-FODMAP foods with FODZYME?Updated a month ago

Certainly! Pre-treating foods that are liquid, creamy, or mushy, like drinks, smoothies, sauces, or pastes is another way of integrating FODZYME to your meals. 

Why Pre-Treat?

The goal of pre-treating your food with FODZYME is to break down FODMAPs before they reach your lower gastrointestinal tract, where they can cause discomfort. This method is especially useful for reintroducing foods like hummus, and sauces containing garlic and onion back into your diet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pre-Treating

  1. Determine the Dosage:
    • The amount of FODZYME to use depends on the quantity and FODMAP density of your food. Generally, a few doses should be sufficient. For precise dosing guidelines, refer to the end of this article.
  2. Mix Thoroughly:
    • Add the recommended dose of FODZYME to your food. For smoothies, add the powder directly into the blender. For sauces or other mixtures, stir well or, if in a bottle, give it a good shake to ensure even distribution.
  3. Incubation Time:
    • Allow the mixture to sit at room temperature for 2-3 hours. This incubation period is crucial for the enzymes to effectively break down FODMAPs.
    • If you're preparing refrigerated foods, you can leave the mixture in the fridge overnight. Keep in mind that enzyme activity slows down at cooler temperatures, so a longer incubation time is necessary.
  4. Avoid High Heat:
    • FODZYME enzymes become inactive at temperatures above 140°F (60°C). Therefore, do not cook or bake with FODZYME. If your meal needs heating, wait until it cools to a comfortable eating temperature before adding FODZYME.
    • However, once the pre-incubation process is complete and the enzymes have broken down the FODMAPs, it is safe to heat the food, as the enzymes will have already done their job.

Important Considerations

  • Temperature Sensitivity: High temperatures deactivate FODZYME enzymes. Always ensure the food is at a safe, comfortable temperature before adding the enzyme if it hasn’t been pre-incubated.
  • Effectiveness Post Incubation: After the enzymes have had sufficient time to work during the pre-incubation period, the food can be heated, as the FODMAPs would have already been broken down.

Pre-treating high-FODMAP foods with FODZYME can make a significant difference in managing your diet. By following these steps, you can enjoy foods that were previously off-limits, with reduced risk of discomfort. Pre-treating is an alternative to using FODZYME the standard way. Always remember to allow sufficient time for the enzymes to work and avoid exposing them to high heat to maintain their effectiveness. 

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