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Can FODZYME help with eggs?Updated 2 months ago

FODZYME is formulated to break down FODMAPs—fermentable carbohydrates that can trigger digestive symptoms in some people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). While eggs are a low-FODMAP food and generally considered safe for those with IBS, issues with eggs might arise from different factors where FODZYME may not be directly helpful.

Eggs and FODMAPs

Eggs do not contain FODMAPs. Therefore, FODZYME, which targets FODMAPs specifically, does not affect how eggs are digested.

Common Issues with Eggs

  • Egg Allergy or Intolerance: Some people experience symptoms due to an immune reaction to the proteins in eggs, not because of FODMAPs. Symptoms can mimic those of FODMAP intolerance, such as bloating and diarrhea.
  • Preparation Methods: How eggs are prepared can contribute to symptoms. Adding high-FODMAP ingredients like onions or garlic to eggs can trigger IBS symptoms. FODZYME could help digest these added FODMAPs but not the eggs themselves.
  • Individual Sensitivity: Some individuals with IBS may tolerate eggs cooked in certain ways (e.g., hard-boiled) better than others (e.g., scrambled with milk).

Egg Allergy and IBS Symptoms

If you have an egg allergy, consuming eggs can lead to serious allergic reactions, and avoiding eggs is necessary. FODZYME does not address or counteract egg allergies.

Advice for Egg Consumption with IBS

If you are unsure how eggs impact your IBS, it's important to consult with a healthcare provider. They can help determine if your symptoms are related to FODMAPs, egg intolerance, or another underlying issue.

Egg Preparation Tips

For those with IBS who are sensitive to how eggs are cooked, opting for fully cooked eggs may reduce the risk of salmonella and may be easier on the gut than eggs that are runny or less cooked.

While FODZYME is effective in helping digest FODMAPs in foods, it does not assist directly with digesting eggs since they do not contain FODMAPs. If you find eggs troublesome, consider how they are prepared and consult with your doctor to explore whether an intolerance or allergy to eggs might be the cause of your symptoms.


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