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Can FODZYME be used in children?Updated 2 months ago

FODZYME supports tolerance to foods that contain fructan, GOS, and lactose. 

For several decades, lactase supplementation has been used to support digestion of lactose-containing foods and research supports its efficacy for management of of bloating, abdominal pain and gas in children [1]. 

For children or those under 18 years old with signs of FODMAP intolerance, FODZYME can be a highly safe and effective tool to support symptom management, adequate energy and nutrient intake and social inclusion.  We always encourage checking with a pediatrician prior to the addition of any supplement, such as FODZYME, to a child's routine.

Also know that restrictive diets, such as low FODMAP, must be implemented with extreme sensitivity in many groups, such as children. Adequate energy and nutrient intake is critical during key stages of growth, such as childhood and adolescence. If not implemented properly, a low FODMAP diet may pose challenges to meeting energy and nutrient needs required for healthy development. Additional negative consequences of the low FODMAP diet in children may include social isolation, increased food stress and anxiety, development of maladaptive or restrictive eating habits and alterations to gut microbiota [2-4].


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