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Are there any concerns about adverse interactions with other supplements or medications?Updated a month ago

Before incorporating FODZYME® into your routine, it’s essential to understand potential interactions with other supplements and medications. Although we have no evidence of adverse interactions between FODZYME® and over-the-counter supplements, consulting with your healthcare provider about any concerns is always a wise precaution.

Currently, there is little evidence suggesting that using FODZYME® alongside other supplements or over-the-counter digestive enzymes is unsafe. However, FODZYME® is a protein, and concurrent use with digestive enzymes targeting proteins (proteases) may reduce its efficacy. To avoid this, we recommend not using FODZYME® with proteases. For detailed information on using FODZYME® with prescription enzyme therapy, additional resources are available here.

Research on the interaction between alpha-galactosidase digestive enzymes and alpha-glucosidase inhibitors—a class of diabetes medications that inhibit carbohydrate absorption—is limited. Medications in this category, such as acarbose (Precose) and miglitol (Glyset), can cause side effects like flatulence and diarrhea. Combining alpha-galactosidase digestive enzymes with these inhibitors may reduce, but not eliminate, the activity of acarbose, potentially alleviating some gastrointestinal symptoms associated with its use. [1]

It’s also important to be mindful that medications and supplements can have their own gastrointestinal side effects, complicating the assessment of which foods FODZYME® helps you tolerate. Discussing strategies with your healthcare provider can help you effectively test and evaluate the benefits of FODZYME® when other supplements are part of your regimen.

Beyond the specific interaction mentioned above, there is no evidence indicating that FODZYME® interacts with other prescription medications. However, as a precaution, we always recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before starting FODZYME®.

By staying informed and working closely with your healthcare provider, you can ensure that you are using FODZYME® safely and effectively in conjunction with other supplements and medications.

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