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Are there any concerns about adverse interactions with other supplements?Updated 8 months ago

Although we are not aware of any adverse interactions between FODZYME® and over-the-counter supplements, we recommend consulting with your clinician about any concerns before trying FODZYME®.

There is little to suggest use of FODZYME® with supplements or other over-the-counter digestive enzymes is unsafe. However, remember that FODZYME® itself is a protein, so concurrent use of over-the-counter digestive enzymes that target proteins (proteases) may decrease FODZYME®’s efficacy. To avoid this, we recommend avoiding use of FODZYME® with proteases. For information on using FODZYME® with prescription enzyme therapy, refer to this article.

Also remain mindful that medications and supplements themselves may have gastrointestinal side effects, which can make it slightly more challenging to learn what foods FODZYME® can help you tolerate. Discuss strategies with your healthcare provider to best test and assess the benefits FODZYME® can provide for you when other supplements are also part of your routine.

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